AudioNowcast August 8, 2008 episode 52

We are back!

Our guest was Josh Anthony one of the host of “The Galley Slaves” podcast (think Maxim + a podcast)…(He’s Bobby’s friend),

topics included:

Why we were off for 2 months, what we did (some did more than others), Giga Studio goes away and why that sucks, yahoo music goes away and why that sucks too (buy CD’s), bad career moves and how to avoid them, Scott talks about how he did those really cool sounds in Hell Boy 2 (some great behind the scenes stuff) plus a whole lot more. Special thanks for hanging in there to the 14 listeners that are left but we really needed the break. Check out our myspace page and be sure to send any emails to

Ps Itunes is fixed!

Here is the trailer for Hellboy ll The Golden Army

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