AudioNowcast July 21 episode 70

This is our 70th podcast spectacular packed with great guest, gear, recording tips and even some career advice.

topics included:

Michael Jackson’s passing and its effect on the industry, a lot of the panel members did work for him at one time or another, Thomas Wendt talks to us from Germany about Record from Propellerheads and how awesome that will be (game changer)(no…really it will be) Vocals and how to sing, our guest Wendy Simon teaches vocals and has had a famous client or two (Pink), How do you put emotion into your performance, (visuals have a lot to do with it), Getting your music into video games with Gloria Soto music producer for Soundelux, what it should sound like, who you need to send it to, plus a whole lot more as the show runs about 95 minutes! Thanks for listening and check out our Facebook and Myspace pages.

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