AudioNowcast December 15, 2008 episode 59

Clemens Schleiwies Producer, Mixer, Songwriter and of our four listeners was our guest.  Check out his cool studio website here.

topics included:

The music scene in Germany, gettting a good deal on software (buy old software), The Netbook studio, great deals in gear (you should hear what Clemens scored), crisis in the studio, playing live, wherever (Hez has a great story) and how to prepare for them, plus a quick gift guide being Christmas and all. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our MySpace page.

Photo by John Ryan

Here is my Netbook studio. It’s a ASUS N10 Netbook with 2GB ram and a 320 GB HD. I’m running Live 6 with a ton of VST plugins including Atmosphere, Xphraze, NI Complete 5 as well as Virtual Guitarist. Hardware includes 2 Korg nano controllers a M-Audio Transit USB audio interface and a Blue Snowflake mic. It’s a great little writing machine you just have to freeze tracks to keep the performance up.

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