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AudioNowcast August 13, 2012 episode 123

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

We are joined on the very nostalgic podcast by Guitarist/Producer Brian Fairweather from Q-Feel (with our very own Martin Page)!!

Topics Included:

The AudioNowcast has a new mobile recording rig! (look out Denny’s…), the guys discuss the recent closures of music stores throughout the country and their mixed feelings on the subject, Scott and Bobby O. explain the new sales paradigm, why a spinning reel of tape is NOT a soda coaster, Martin and Brain talk about starting Q-Feel and their move to America, why music in the 80’s was such a slow, exploratory process, why good music took so long to make back then (and still should), and why the 80’s was the beginning of affordable music gear. Thanks for reminiscing with us and be sure to check out our Facebook┬áPage!