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AudioNowcast February 27, 2012 episode 117

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
For this podcast we have the incredible privilege of being joined by the legendary Joe Chiccarelli!!
Topics Include:
How long ago Joe was actually supposed to be the guest, Mike finally updated to Pro Tools 10 and HDX and everything went surprisingly well, what the sonic differences between Pro Tools 9 and 10 are, what it means to go back to the basics, and how that is actually done when making records, why sometimes going back to basics fails, how many microphones you can damage when recording guitars, how Joe got started in music as a mixer and a producer, recording The White Stripes Icky Thump and different software and hardware recommendations from Joe. Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy this amazing show, and be sure to check out our Facebook page!

AudioNowcast February 15, 2021 episode 116

Thursday, February 16th, 2012
Once again we are joined by the awesome Greg Ondo from Steinberg!! 
Topics Include:
A big congratulations to Andrew Scheps on winning the Grammy for his work with Adele!!, and other random Grammy thoughts, we stop to remember Whitney Houston for a moment, what Steinberg has been up to lately, what the difference between Cubase and Neundo actually is, the ways different DAWs can be better for certain things, what digital headroom is and why it is still important, a bit more discussion on 32 bit mixing, and a bit of reminiscing about the old days. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page!