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AudioNowcast December 12, 2011 episode 113

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

For this podcast we are joined by Andrew Scheps and Rob “Iron Man” Arbittier and that’s pretty much it.

Topics Include:

Mike discovers fire about 40 years after everybody else, Andrew Scheps has been nominated for 3 Grammy’s! And he’ll actually make it to the red carpet this time too, Andrew talks about working on the Adele album and a lot of the work that went in to it, why you might need to buy a backup pair of your KRKs, another discussion on Pro Tools 10, (last one we promise) the panel responds to a Facebook comment (boy do we!), how Pro Tools became the 800 pound gorilla back in the early DAW days, how to stay fresh in your tools and try new things, and some quick tips as a present from the guys at the Nowcast to all of the listeners. Be sure to check out our Facebook and we wish all of you a Happy Holidays!!