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AudioNowcast September 26, 2011 episode 110

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Andrew Scheps makes it to a podcast! We are also joined by producer, composer and (former?) friend of Bobby S., Aaron Friedman!

Topics Included:

What Andrew has been up to, Scott shares a bunch of stories from recording the rocket launch in Florida and all of the different recording setups the did, Diego talks about recording music from a dry cleaners, why its a bad idea to stick your head in a dryer, we continue the series on mixing with the final part, how Aaron and Andrew prep for a mix, how to take a break and still be productive, several different ways to go through your session (music and post), how crucial it is to listen in different situations, and awesome tips for improving your mixes. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page!

AudioNowcast September 5, 2011 episode 109

Friday, September 16th, 2011

We are rejoined by the awesome Patrick Leonard! Producer, songwriter, keyboard player for small acts like Madonna and Toy Matinee, Pink Floyd, Elton John to name a few.

Topics Include:

Forrest (he’s back) talks about what he has been up to (not jail for those who think like Bobby), the rulingĀ  which would allow certain artists to get their publishing rights back, why the RIAA is trying to fight the ruling, why content AND distribution are kings, a bit more about Spotify (last time, I promise), how artists get paid for streaming, why you have to work for a buyout sometimes, Part 2 of the mixing discussion, how to prep and get organized for a mix, how important premixes or comping can be for your mix, and a bit of discussion about the ever-important donut bar, Plus we get to break a story at the end of the podcast, remember you heard it here first. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page!