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AudioNowcast August 18, 2011 episode 108

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

We are joined by Michael Bard for yet another epic podcast with lots and lots of great stuff!

Topics Include:

Spotify and what the paid version gets you, how the streaming model works for artists, how digital music is going to be passed down to younger generations, how to work with healthy posture and how to make your studio ergonomic, why its possible to work from home so easily with digital delivery, the different ways the each of the panelists mix (fader vs. mouse), the different kinds of mixing (spot, music, and film), and a few good suggestions on combo mixing possibilities plus a whole bunch more, yeah we did almost 120 minutes again (sorry). Thanks for listening to this epic podcast, and be sure to check out our Facebook page

AudioNowcast August 4, 2011 episode 107

Friday, August 19th, 2011
For this lofty podcast we were joined by Diane Johnson who just recently started touring for the first time with Denae Gardner. We also discover Jay-Z’s secret passion for Nashville (according to Mike anyway…)
Topics Include:
How cool Martin Page’s Facebook group is, what the cloud is if you don’t know, a riot that happened because of social media (seriously!), the cloud, how dropbox has changed workflows for several panelists, a bit more cloud, Diane tells us all about how she got the touring gig she got, how she maintains a part time job, and balances her own work, how to stay fresh as an artist, how to self-edit as an artist, and a few more jokes about the cloud. Thanks for listening, please be sure not to stalk any of us, but you can check out our Facebook page!