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AudioNowcast April 25, 2011 episode 103

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
Welcome to this epically long podcast! (Suprise, suprise). We are joined by Tina Guo who is an amazing cellist with a very unconventional career. We are also rejoined by Michael Bard, composer/mixer at StudioBard.

Topic Include:

What everyone saw at NAB and how cool it was, Mike confirms there is still audio at NAB, the true end of the tape medium, first reactions to Final Cut X and what it might mean for the prosumer video and audio industries, why Scott thinks laptops don’t mix with lions, a little more iPad talk, Tina’s background as a cellist, the state of music education and classical instruments, the importance of emotion in music, and why the panel can’t ever talk about anything. I told you its a long one! But be sure to check out our Facebook page. Thanks for listening!

AudioNowcast March 28, 2011 episode 102

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

We are rejoined by guest sound designer Bret Johns, for this How-To of a podcast.

Topics Included:

The AudioNowcast has a new sponsor and we’re giving away some swag, Scott tries his luck at segues, Mike talks about an awesome new piece of gear and gets a counting lesson from Rob (So I got a little confused, just keep moving…mr), home-grown sound design and the PREY 2 teaser, happy accidents in sound design and music, some new opinions on the Rebecca Black phenomenon, Rob gives some advice to parents with children going in to the music industry, and we hear what Bret Johns has been up to since he was last on the show (in Episode 4!). Be sure to check out some of Rob’s work for Google, as well as our Facebook page.