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AudioNowcast March 10ish? 2011 episode 101

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Welcome to the new century of AudioNowcast! Our guest is David Franz who literally wrote the book on Pro Tools, amongst lots of other cool things.

Topics Include:

Congratulations to Brandon, Rob made it through a plane trip alive (barely), what is coming in the future of pro audio, how the iPad 2 can be used and how it might affect the music industry, what David does and the different kind of artists that he works with, how epically cool TED Talks ( are, the panel talks about the difference between TDM and Native and how it affects summing, a comparison of Pro Tools 9 to other DAWs out right now, and the panel reminisces about Ricky Martin for a little (kinda), plus Diego talks about the Bob Moog Tribute Library. Thanks for listening and be sure to visit the Facebook page.