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AudioNowcast October 19, 2010 episode 94

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
We were honored to have Gene Grimaldi, a Mastering Engineer at Oasis Records join us for tonights podcast.

Topics included:

Bill Burgess Skypes in(!!), what the panel thinks of recording schools, how many of us actually graduated from school, intern experiences, what kind of tools Gene actually uses to master, what a shootout is (definitely not what you think), how mastering has changed with digital sales, how to listen like a mastering engineer, what Bill has been up to, Bobby Owsinski joins the panel as a member, and Mike has an AudioNowcast surprise!! Thanks for listening and be sure to checkout our Facebook pageĀ  for some good conversation and cool pictures.

AudioNowcast October 5, 2010 episode 93

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Scott Ray of SD Ray AssociatesĀ  was our guest for this jam packed show.

Topics included:

Bobby Summerfield is back, along with Bobby Owsinski joining us again, mixing fast a few tips to help you when it has to be done yesterday, why LA weather is awesome, how you have to be available for clients (especially when you don’t want to be), Waves plug-ins and bundles, how Oprah caused a late night for Scott Ray, we talk about power amps and how much they are a lost art, how Bobby S likes blowing out speakers with them, how cool epic guitar journey’s can be (Scott G thinks they’re “super duper”), and Rob celebrates a couple of milestones. A lot of good stuff in this one, thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page to comment on this show or any other one.