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AudioNowcast August 27, 2010 episode 90

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Andy Jaxson, DJ on KLTY and voice of the AudioNowcast and Mike Stitts were our guest for this reunion podcast.

topics included:

The return of Andrew Scheps, Scott Gershin and Bobby Summerfield (it was a little out of control), what really goes on in a radio studio (talk about pressure), new Pro Tools boxes why that was a good thing, phase, more info on what it is and how to use it and some really bad jokes (don’t worry its just a phase), mixing tips and tricks of how to step into a mix someone else has started, plus a whole lot more, really a ton more I’m just a little lazy today and don’t want to list all the stuff we talked about, but when you get Scott, Andrew, Bobby, Rob together you know they are going to go on and on with pure audio gold (its about 90 min long). Be sure to check out our Facebook page if you want to ask any questions or just drop us a note. Also don’t forget the great deal you’ll get here if you use the coupon code “audionowcast” 50% off! Thanks for listening.

AudioNowcast August 9, 2010 episode 89

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Andrew Levine sound recordist, mixer, writer and Theremin player from Blumlein Records was our guest.

topics included:

Product reviews and just how much cread should you give them, where do you get  good info on new products, a guitar amp simulator on the ipad that’s pretty cool (speaking of reviews), one thing that you can do to be a better mixer (it’s going to take work), Theremin its not just for Sci Fi movies anymore (classical music on the Theremin…really) and why its so darn difficult to play, multichannel audio and why XY tri is so awesome, taking public transportation to your gig, we all could be a little greener, Jon O’Rourke one of our listeners gets to see behind the scenes (your not missing much) and a great deal for our listeners here (enter audionowcast to get a 50% discount) plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page for more info on the podcast, with pictures of some the studios we work in, as well as a place to ask questions and get answers.