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AudioNowcast July 29, 2010 episode 88

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Brian Mann from Mann Made Music was our guest and we talk composing for animation. ( he also had a great gig in the 80’s)

topics included:

Headphones why we love ’em or hate ’em, how to mix on them, what are our favorites, how to make them sound great (you need enough power) and do multiple¬† drivers in ear buds really make that much of a difference, we also talk about monitors under $1000 what we like and don’t like, what are the compromises that you have to make and does more money get you a better sound, composing for animation, why sometimes having the script early is a bad thing, why animation composing is so different from live action plus we answer a few questions and a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page.

AudioNowcast July 12, 2010 episode 87

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Bob Bendick, actor, comedian, vo talent and host of the Bob Bendick podcast was our guest for part 2 of our podcasts on voice over.

topics included:

Traveling with technology and why wifi in the car is so cool, we try to answer a listeners question and fail miserably (note to self: try not to insult listener), breaking into sound design, and what are the differences between what Scott and Diego do (new term, sound photographer), why you don’t want to record your VO demo with your laptop mic, how to mic a VO session, what mic to use and where to place it and why you may not want to use a booth at all, plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page for news and info on our podcast.