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AudioNowcast May 5, 2009 episode 67

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Greg Pagani producer, songwriter, programmer (Babyface, Charlie Wilson, LeAnn Rimes) was are guest along with Brandon Burnside composer, sound designer who worked on the T4 trailers.

topics included:

R & B how to make it, how to record it and why you need that 808 (or do you?), why recreating sounds from the past isn’t as easy as you may think, the difference between writing R&B and Country (uh…just listen), the T4 trailer and how Brandon filled it with sonic awesomeness,  Avids new logo (hate it) and why comercials are so damn loud, plus a whole lot more thanks for listening and check out our Myspace and Facebook pages.

Terminator 4:Salvation trailer