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AudioNowcast October 25, 2008 episode 56

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Justin Brandstater and Hezekiah McMurray who are visual efx guys from Dreamworks were are guest.

They worked on this: (as well as a ton of other major animated features)

topics included:

AES 2008 who went and what did they see, what are white papers and why are they so important, Pro Tools 8 and our impressions of it, a bunch of other new gear, Scott talk about his latest movie “The Express” (He was the sound supervisor) and how many tracks he used just for a flash bulb, why seeing a movie by yourself is kinda creepy (as in all by yourself no other people in the theater) Visual efx those guys are really cool and how similar their journey is to audio, did you know that their are virtual camera men, plus a whole lot more, really I mean it this time we go almost 20 minutes over. Thanks for listening be sure to check out our myspace page.

Here is trailer for Scott’s latest movie.