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Audionowcast September 24, 2008 episode 55

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Martin Ucik from Plus24 (Sanken Mics, Brainstorm Electronics) was our guest.

topics included:

Do you really have to have a great product to be Robs friend, How do you break in to “Sound” is it the tools or the technique, Bobby has a few words on that, why the old intern at a studio might not help you anymore (becasue there aren’t any) what are some of the cool soft synths out there right now, ( I’m thinking Omnisphere) Sanken Microphones and are the cheap Chinese mics a threat, plus a whole lot more (really there is a lot more). Thanks for listening and send any comments or questions for the panel to

AudioNowcast September 12, 2008 episode 54

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

We finally get to talking about songwriting with other people,

topics included:

Vanessa Leavitt our webmistress sat in, open source stomp box and why it’s so cool or is it, does your hardware get between you and your music, can you have too much stuff, pet projects and some cool examples, cheese, what is it, why are somethings labeled it, and how to avoid it in your songwriting, How do you colaberate with someone, stories of success and total failer plus (believe me on this one) a whole lot more. Thanks for listening check out our myspace page and email any questions for the panel to (yes thats new).