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AudioNowcast July 29, 2007 episode 33

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Urban Olsson Producer, sound designer and founding member of the band Blend was our guest.

topics included:

Iphone, (yes we got one, we are really gear sluts) and cell phones in general, we talk about ring tones, music download services, opportunities for independent artist and why are networks more advanced overseas, archiving for the long run, whats the best way to make sure your music sticks around, CD’s, DVD’s flash drives, off site storage services like Carbonite, which is right for you and when is is time to throw in the towel or make changes in your plans to be the next big thing, should you really be honest when someone says “what do you think?” this and a whole lot more. Thanks for listening be sure to visit our myspace page.

AudioNowcast July 15, 2007 episode 32

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Everyone is there for yet another show and we answer some listeners questions.

topics included:

Apple Soundtrack Pro or is it? Software testing do you really want to try a beta on that project? Why you don’t want to be on the cutting edge, stories of triumph and victory, Bobby plays with electricity, Rob plays with electricity, Scotts Godzilla sound effects suprise, Martin’s work with Earth Wind and Fire and how a small move saved a song, How to get into film composing and why its so hard, why success kills creativity and some careers and a whole lot more. If you have a question or comment you can reach us at thanks for listening.