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AudioNowcast March 17, 2007 episode 24

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Steve Porcaro songwriter, composer, session player and founding member of Toto was our guest.

topics included:

Software for beginners, this picture via, Steve’s Polyfusion modular synth, Bobby missing yet another Audionowcast, How Toto got started, Listening to music, the good old days were not that good, songs that make you cry, what Steve is doing now and a whole lot more.

AudioNowcast March 3, 2007 episode 23

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Bobby Summerfield was not on this show. Yeah he blew us off again but oh what a show.

topics included:

We give Andrew the perfect gift, Rob answers a listeners question, organizing all of those sounds, Rumors about Apple’s Pro Tools Killer, Scott recording llamas, money tips and a few horror stories, llamas, Rob and his new addition to his studio, did I mention lamas, Scott’s announcement, and did I mentions why we will never discuss llamas again. That and a whole lot more.

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