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AudioNowcast February 16, 2007 episode 22

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Summer Watson was our guest. We talk about making it in the music industry.

topics included:

Andrews report from the Grammy’s, he’s not that bitter and could he really not find the red carpet? We give some props to brick and mortar music stores, We listen to some music, give out some advice, give away some gear, talk about our myspace page, have a good time and a whole lot more.

AudioNowcast January 30 2007, episode 21

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Ritch Esra former A&R rep from Arista Records and Publisher/Editor of The Music Business Registry joined us.

topics included:

Everyone is here for the third show in a row, (even Bobby) NAMM show report, portable DSD recorders, terrible noises, samplers and a bassdrum pedal that uses magnets, What’s an A & R guy? Why music sucks or does it? Why new bands don’t write with songwriters anymore? What is a record deal, suggestions for the new Artist and a whole lot more.