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AudioNowcast October 27, 2006 episode 16

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Steven Anderson of Anderson Audio Engineering, former chief tech at Larrabee east and staff tech at Capital Records, and Vanessa Leavitt a Audionowcast listener and webmaster of the new AudioNowcast myspace page joined us on the AudioNowcast.

topics included:

How Vanessa found the Audionowcast, Digidesign and lack of firewire 800 on Mbox Pro conspiracy, when to upgrade, tower going out of biz, downloads leveling off now what, vintage Pro tools, Studios that inspire, Rob’s old patchbay, it was all RCA cables, Scotts 300 gig PT sessions, how can studios stay in biz and yes we are giving away another DMP 7 for FREE, plus a whole lot more.



AudioNowcast October 13, 2006 episode 15

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Marvin Caeser President of Aphex Systems was our guest.

topics included:

DMP7 give-away we have a winner, AES San Francisco everything you wanted to know (ok maybe not everything), Aphex Systems and how they will save radio or at least make it sound better, the Model 230 and why its a podcasters best friend, yes we are giving away another one of Robs DMP7’s, did this episode sound better, and a whole lot more.