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AudioNowcast July 28, 2006 episode 10

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Andy Jaxson DJ for KLTY and Mike Stitts of Renaissance Music Group were our guest.

topics included:

Running a label, working with artists, the Johnny Rocker syndrome, finding talent, submitting to a label, favorite vocal mics, We also talk about radio, where its going, how it was, where it is now, why so much of it sucks, how radio can save music, you think you have to edit under pressure? Youv’e got nothing on being a DJ, and a whole lot more.



AudioNowcast July 14, 2006 episode 9

Monday, July 17th, 2006

In this epesode we talk about, PDA music creation, GPS music playback, music technology that inspires, alternative music controllers, How Scott used pads, drumstcks and paradiddles to create the sound of the Harrier machine guns in the movie “True Lies”, we also do our first phone patch, we tackle the old mouse vs faders debate and a whole lot more.



AudioNowcast June 30, 2006 episode 8

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

In this episode we introduce Andrew Scheps as our newest panel member (see episode 5), Scott reports on Pro Tools 7.2 and what a cool update it is, we discuss Nuendo and what it could have been, speculate on what apple might be working on, and welcome Bobby back from his gig with the TV show “Masters of Champions” as he describes in detail what it took to be the music director of that show, if you get bored by the geeky stuff at the top you need to fast forward and hear what Bobby has to say as it’s really interesting.