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AudioNowcast June 16, 2006 episode 7

Monday, June 19th, 2006

Martin Page continues to talk about being a songwriter, this week producing the demo.

topics include: changing studios and getting used to a new room, mixing for TV, Scott ask for emails from listeners in other countries, Martin on producing a great demo, what you should and should not do, Rob on the importance of rehearsing, Martin talks about his new CD he is releasing this fall, and a whole lot more. (this time we mean it)



AudioNowcast June 2, 2006 episode 6

Monday, June 5th, 2006

Martin Page, who has written many a tune from his days with Q-Feel “Dancing in Heaven” to “These Dreams” and “We Built this City” with Bernie Taupin, then on to his solo record “In the House of Stone and Light” and more recently with “Mi Morena” for Josh Groban, talks about songwriting and being a songwriter.

topics include:

How he does it, why he does it, who he’s done it with, (there have been a few) tips on how to start a song, tips on how to get a lyric that fits into your melody, How not to start a song, bobby still not here, Rob writing for a young artist, and a whole lot more.