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AudioNowcast April 26, 2017 episode 183

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Eric Persing founder of Spectrasonics was our guest for this 11 year anniversary show.

topics included:

11 years of the AudioNowcast, what were some of the highs (Ken Scott, Producer for David Bowie and a Beatles engineer) and what were some of the lows (guitar show anyone?), how to break up with a client, eventually everyone will have to do it, some stories are good and some of them are bad (bad ones are always the entertaining ones) Roland D50 and why it sounds as good as it did, what some people thought about it when they were first introduced to it, who created the ¬†“Digital Native¬†Dance” patch as well as “Crystal Rhodes” patch (see opening line), all things Spectrasonics and why it’s been so successful, (total fan boy here) Armondo the Duck, plus a whole lot more, like tons it’s our longest show ever. Thanks for listening and be sure to like our Facebook page.

AudioNowcast January 14, 2009 episode 61

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Thomas Wendt musician, engineer from the PR firm Intergrative Concepts in Hamburg Germany, (we love the Germans) who reps Celemony Software and Propellerhead Software joined us on this podcast. He is also a panel member of the German podcast MusoTalk (think AudioNowcast in German)

topics included:

NAMM and what is going to happen there, are we going to see a show of doom and gloom or are we going to see companies that are optimistic because some of cool new tech breakthrough that takes music making to a new level, why are all the cool software companies coming from Europe, is it that German engineering thing and we spend some time talking about Logic (the music app) plus awhole lot more. Thanks for listening and be on the lookout for our Facebook page.

AudioNowcast November 24, 2008 episode 58

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Forrest Robinson (drummer for India Arie, TLC, Silk, Crusaders) and Bill Burgess (composer and former Logic manager for Apple) were our guest for this show.

topics included:

Why this really is a small world, Pro Tools 8 and if you need to spend lots of money to upgrade, did Rob really pay money to store boxes for gear he didn’t have anymore, why some people are still using OS 9, How does a world class drummer like Forrest feel about virtual drummers, whats the most useless piece of gear that you’ve bought plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and you can send any comments or questions to

Audionowcast September 24, 2008 episode 55

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Martin Ucik from Plus24 (Sanken Mics, Brainstorm Electronics) was our guest.

topics included:

Do you really have to have a great product to be Robs friend, How do you break in to “Sound” is it the tools or the technique, Bobby has a few words on that, why the old intern at a studio might not help you anymore (becasue there aren’t any) what are some of the cool soft synths out there right now, ( I’m thinking Omnisphere) Sanken Microphones and are the cheap Chinese mics a threat, plus a whole lot more (really there is a lot more). Thanks for listening and send any comments or questions for the panel to