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AudioNowcast February 3, 2014 episode 144

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

This is our NAMM 2014 wrap up

topica included:

NAMM 2014, all the inside info that you won’t get anywhere else, the best of NAMM, the worst of NAMM, What does a 20 k Syth look like, better yet what does it sound like, what company had a great show and which ones had bad ones, is that new 160k control surface worth it, does it look like its worth it,(nope) and how good was Bruno Mars at the superbowl, can imagine the line check for that production, all this a much much more. Thanks for listening and be sure to like us on our Facebook Page

AudioNowcast September 12, 2008 episode 54

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

We finally get to talking about songwriting with other people,

topics included:

Vanessa Leavitt our webmistress sat in, open source stomp box and why it’s so cool or is it, does your hardware get between you and your music, can you have too much stuff, pet projects and some cool examples, cheese, what is it, why are somethings labeled it, and how to avoid it in your songwriting, How do you colaberate with someone, stories of success and total failer plus (believe me on this one) a whole lot more. Thanks for listening check out our myspace page and email any questions for the panel to (yes thats new).