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AudioNowcast March 22, 2016 episode 173

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Producer Jess Jackson was our guest for this podcast. Tyga, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are just a few of the names of people he has work with.

topics included:

The passing of a few giants in the industry, Rob still not a big fan of progressive rock, a few more words on the ipad pro (almost, close, almost there) great new delay for ios, punch, how to get more power and punch in your sound (some great tips there), Jess Jackson tell us some amazing stories and how he got from the UK to working with Tyga, its a great story and why Rob and Jess get along so well, plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page.

AudioNowcast April 24, 2014 episode 147

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Welcome to year 9!

topics included:

We thank API for being a loyal sponsor of the AudioNowcast, they are a super company that have really changed the audio industry for good (500 series anyone?) We make a call back in 2007 that is so scary accurate I should be picking lotto numbers listen and find out, we talk about a few cool plugins for music production, looking for data storage solutions, And why working in the industry really rocks plus a whole lot more, really this one if full of surprises. Thanks for listening, hug a loved one and be sure to check out our Facebook page.

AudioNowcast June 17, 2013 episode 133

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

John Jennings from Royer microphones joined us for the first show of year 8. (he was awesome)

Topics included:

The new Mac Pro and the death of internal cards, who wins and who loses, why didn’t a certain audio company have a better thunderbolt solution ready and why another one did, latency and how much can you get away with before you feel it, Everything you ever wanted to know about ribbon mics, how you use them, what you use them on and how do you power them, is phantom really bad for them (it depends), plus a whole lot more. Be sure to check out our facebook page and remember this is your last chance to enter the API giveaway, Thanks for listening.

AudioNowcast April 22, 2013 episode 131

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
Today we have the privilege of being joined by Sebastian Katz from AudioBro!
Topics Included:
Where in the world is Rob now? The big most recent news is that Pro Tools 11 has been announced and there is a lot of discussion about the disconnect between Pro Tools and its users (mostly from a price stand-point), what other options are out there and why Pro Tools isn’t the only option any more, Sebatian talks about everything going on over at AudioBro and some of the awesome technology behind the LA Scoring Strings, Martin answers a question about how technology has affected his song writing in recent years, and Sebatian has a giveaway! The email address for the giveaway is Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Facebook page!