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AudioNowcast March 14, 2008 episode 47

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Andrew and Scott are back our guest bailed and yet we still had a great time.

topics included:

The Queen multi tracks still haunt us and Andrews point of view, how they gets out, NIN and their web release, Jill Sobule and her unique plan to finance her next album, we also talk about the job prospects for engineers and how compensation is changing (we’re talking no money upfront), how education is changing and why Andrew needed a hug, video game audio (thats where the jobs will be), what the heck is an integrator and why you want to be one, some of the blockbuster games Scott is working on and a whole lot more. If you have any questions or comments please send them to Be sure to check out our myspace page and thanks for listening.

AudioNowcast December 4, 2007 episode 42

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Tom Gleason sound editor from Hanna-Barbera was our guest.

topics included:

What we do away from audio, Bobby and Martin are Soccer gods, Scott Talks about the audio work on the hit game Crysis, OK maybe not soccer gods just really good, how video games are mixed in real time and why they sound so damn good, the future of mixing and where it will evolve too, 420 speaker surround system, Tom talks about the good old days at HB, and why they maybe weren’t that good, think hundreds off reels of mag, plus a whole lot more. You can reach us at or our myspace page. Thanks for listening.