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AudioNowcast December 22, 2010 episode 98

Friday, December 24th, 2010
Bobby O came through with awesome guests: Eddy Schreyer of Oasis Mastering and David Cheppa, vinyl genius.
Topics Include:
The last podcast of the year (loaded with stuff!), aural differences between DAWs, the importance of Analog/Digital converters, the importance of bit-depth and sample rate for songwriters, Eddy’s tools for mastering, how vinyl is cut, why vinyl is actually better today than it was in its prime, how vinyl sounds in playback, and a few quick notes for the holidays. Thanks for listening, be sure to check out our Facebook page and every one have a very happy holidays and great New Year. See you in 2011!!

AudioNowcast April 29, 2009 episode 66

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Raj Kapoor  Creative Director from It Creative Services was our guest.

topics included:

The closing of Virgins Music stores and why that bums us out a little (they were making money), Live production and the audio oportunities there (brush up your music editing chops), behind the scenes of Dancing With the Stars on Tour and The American Idol Tour (Raj is the Director) New York and how good was the 5 hour opera plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening be sure to check out our Myspace and Facebook pages.

AudioNowcast August 8, 2008 episode 52

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

We are back!

Our guest was Josh Anthony one of the host of “The Galley Slaves” podcast (think Maxim + a podcast)…(He’s Bobby’s friend),

topics included:

Why we were off for 2 months, what we did (some did more than others), Giga Studio goes away and why that sucks, yahoo music goes away and why that sucks too (buy CD’s), bad career moves and how to avoid them, Scott talks about how he did those really cool sounds in Hell Boy 2 (some great behind the scenes stuff) plus a whole lot more. Special thanks for hanging in there to the 14 listeners that are left but we really needed the break. Check out our myspace page and be sure to send any emails to

Ps Itunes is fixed!

Here is the trailer for Hellboy ll The Golden Army

AudioNowcast November 7, 2007 episode 40

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Greg Ondo from Steinberg, was our guest for this podcast.

topics included:

Scott is back and fills us in on what he has been up too, Mike spots sfx for a film on an airplane, Martin and Bobby both are absent (hmmm…), upgrading your OS when to do it and how, Ken (our engineer) finally speaks, Apple Leopard and what we are looking forward to, Pro Tools M-box Micro, (what no 96K?) Will vinyl save the music industry? some people think so, Greg becomes our first repeat guest and talks all things Steinberg (Nuendo’s time warp is sweet) and the explosion of data packed with music programs we’re talking 40 gigs and up (do we need 14 different Bosendorfer sampled grands?) plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and visit our myspace page.