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AudioNowcast November 8, 2010 episode 95

This podcast has all sorts of good stuff mostly focused on post-AES and a certain piece of new software.
Topics included:

Mike and Bobby talk about what they saw at AES this year, all sorts of new AES shennanigans (cool mics, new speakers, the works!!), the CLASP system and whether its actually worth using it, how cool some of the new gear being made looks, a quick note on barebones budget, and the big announcement (drumroll)… Pro Tools 9!! and how much it could change the way people work with Pro Tools. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page!


AudioNowcast January 26, 2010 episode 79

NAMM and what we saw. Why this one thing prevents people from “making it”.

topics included:

NAMM show 20110, what we saw, what was cool, what was not, what one piece of gear really stood out (its something that most of you probably have, but you will need another) Who was the best dressed person at NAMM, What one thing keeps people from reaching their fullest potential, (we talk about it all the time) plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and check out our Facebook and Myspace pages.


AudioNowcast October 20, 2009 episode 74

Mark McBride foley artist was our guest.

topics included:

AES from our perspective, what went on, who was there, who wasn’t there, and did it matter, what a mic with 100k head room sounds like (I’ll take two please), the coolest plug-in ever, the laser mic, why Deadhead home tapers rock, the API party, the coolest compressor ever, we also talk everything foley with Mark what is it and why is it so necessary,  plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and check out our Facebook page to ask us any questions you may have.


AudioNowcast April 7, 2009 episode 65

We are live streaming our podcast.

topics included:

Scott went to the GDC and gives us a report, are games where all the audio jobs are, maybe not, cool new audio toys built into game engines, Rob tells us about a great new plugin, layoffs and how to avoid them, age and how it effects your job prospects, Bobby talks about tracking drums with Forrest, putting a human touch into your music through mixing, Bobby gives us a great tip, Rob working on making the Mac accessible for the blind, plus a whole lot more (sound design in cliffhanger, Scott did that).

Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our facebook or myspace page. We are doing test broadcast on ustream. If you want to watch us just keep checking facebook for more info.