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AudioNowcast December 12, 2009 episode 76

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Mike and Mark Stitts from RMG music group sat in with us for this big podcast. (8 panel members!)

topics included:

Alternative controllers, what we have how we use them (the machine guns in True Lies,  Roland octapad), and why the may help you write better music, inspiration or plagiarism  how close can you get, and how do you protect yourself if a client wants you to copy something and finally PHASE what is it, how do you get it and how can you use it to your benefit plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Myspace and Facebook pages.

AudioNowcast December 30, 2008 episode 60

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

We celebrate our 60th Podcast.

topics included:

Our newest member of our panel we welcome Forrest Robinson as a regular member, we also talk about this article from Digital Web Magazine Is The Web Really helping Us Find New Music, where can you get good recomidations for music (think BBC), Martin and Bobby on the radio hmmmm, Why you should listen to whats on top of the charts, How to buy a guitar, what should you look for, listen for and whats important, what gear was the most infuential to our panel this past year and what are the panel’s plans for 2009 also, why you should try to get the human element back into your music (casue everyone has all the same loops), plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening, Happy New Year!

Audionowcast August 22, 2008 episode 53

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Andrew and Martin are back!

topics included:

Andrew mixing Metallica (yes I said Metallica), Martin being back in the studio working on next album (only 3 songs away), midi and is it really dead, soft synths vs real synths yet again, earthquakes and the studio, would you control your Pro Tools rig with an Iphone, Martin’s record release and how it went, a really great perspective from the artist’s side, why this podcast really helped (the June 8th one), a new songwriter in the making plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening be sure to check out our myspace page. For comments and questions email us at

Here’s Martin’s latest video:

AudioNowcast March 30, 2008 episode 48

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Yes we had to start the show 3 times (Rob getting the giggles not a good thing)

topics included:

Hacking hardware and why some of us want to get back in touch with the music, is Andrew really going to get a pipe organ, (he really wants it) why modular synths are so cool and still relevant, do they really want to tax your ISP for music downloads, should hardware companies pay the record labels a percentage of their profits or a fee a la the blank tape fee, what happened to the big tours of yesterday and why that may not be a bad thing, is your computer fast enough and why Celemony Software will change everything (really…they will I am not kidding) plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our myspace page.