AudioNowcast November 18, 2014 episode 155

Taylor Swift abandon’s Spotify, is this a trend for the future?

topics included:

We dig into all the reason’s behind Swift’s big move off the streaming service and talk about the future of streaming and the general future of consuming media. Bobby O teaches us a thing or two about the current state of streaming and the music industry. Rob almost misses an episode but manages to sneak in. We talk social media and the good (and bad) ways to use it, and how it’s important to manage separate professional and personal social media presence. The guys go around the table and talk about their unique personal setups, headphones and the ergonomics of making the studio work for you. There’s not really a wrong way to setup your studio as long as it works for you! (Ok really there is a wrong way but you would never set it up that way would you) Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter.


AudioNowcast October 27, 2014 episode 154

Diego is back and ready to teach!


topics included:

We recap all things AES. The guys go over all the good and bad of this year’s conference and touch on what we see coming up in the industry, and also what’s failed to impress. Mike makes a big statement to Rob about Apple, and the guys debate the content creation ability of tablet technology. (Guess what side everyone is on) Diego schools us with some of his best technique’s he’s sharing on his new training series of video’s he’s working on. (Buy it here only $10!!!) He dives in to some of his more creative micing techniques and the theory behind them and this leads to the guys getting deep about the experience of sound with some personal stories. Rob and the Mrs. continue to make waves and expand their campaign! Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.


AudioNowcast October 7, 2014 episode 153

Brett Levisohn Executive Producer from Trailer Park was our guest for this podcast.

topics included:

Rob joins us in the flesh, (Yay! no Skype) Mike butchers yet another word (nothing new there), AES is it still relevant, (we will see) we all have people that have inspired us to greatness now we are talking about our are arch enemies and nemesis and how these people can actually help your career, producing extra content for DVD and Blu-rays,(what a great gig!) Oliver Stone and what was it like interviewing him, (scary) Robs project is taking off, 3 million plus hits holy cow, plus a whole lot more, it was a blast. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out Facebook page.


AudioNowcast September 16, 2014 episode 152

Apple releases a new iPhone and a U2 album nobody wanted.

topics included:

The heat and how hot it was, (really hot) Apple iphone, iwatch and all things i, who got one, who didn’t get one, and how good is it going to be for musicians, U2 and what are they doing giving away their latest album for free, How horrible was that launch, and how low was the number of people who actually downloaded the album, Slate Digital and the letter it sent out, take care of your current customers first, Sound Miner and how awesome it is, mixing and using gain vs volume, (really you need to do both)  recording characters voices plus a whole lot more. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our Facebook page.